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Follow the Yellow Brick Road into the Grey Gale of Oz

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Your Choice of Any Wicked The Musical Broadway Show on DVD

Do you enjoy watching Broadway Shows?  Have you ever wanted to watch one right from your home? Well, Let us, help you!  Simple easy steps make viewing a show easy, and with us, hassle free.  There are no scams, and this is not a hoax! 
~Enjoy any beloved and fun filled cast of your choice that is provided below of:
The Untold Story Of The Witches of Oz
on DVD!
please call 401-524-7491 if you need to place an order if you CANNOT email me directly, thank you!

I hope your happy, now that your choosing this!
I hope it brings you bliss!

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$12 for only 1 DVD
$30 = 4 DVD Disc Set *plus 1 cd of my choice!
$50 = 6 DVD Disc Set *plus 1 other DVD of my choice!
$70 = 9 DVD Disc Set *plus 1 other DVD of my choice!
$100 = 10 DVD Disc Set *plus 2 other DVD of my choice!
$130 for 25 DVD Disc Set - plus 5 more free discs!
~This "Set" includes your choice of any DVD, CD, or Behind The Scenes Footage of Oz & Wicked~
*FREE discs will be included into this set due to "high demand!" Making this  "30 Discs" This set will include:
1 Free Live DVD! (MY choice of Little Mermaid on Broadway, Mamma Mia in Las  Vegas or Young Frankenstein the Musical on Broadway, Hairspray or 9 to 5 on Broadway )
Free Cool Wizard of Oz Soundtracks on CD of my choice!
(There are many :)
2  FREE non-Wicked Broadway CD Musicals of my choice!
25 Wicked DVD Set-
*also your choices of 3 CD'S include:
Wicked the Original Broadway Cast Recording
Wicked 5th Anniversary Special Edition Foreign 2nd Disc
Wicked Workshop - Songs before they made it into the musical
. . . and many other productions of Broadway Shows on cd as well - inquire within
*ALSO INCLUDED: choices from 5 Behind the Scenes Wicked DVDs to be added to your 25 Disc Set:
THE WONDERFULLY WICKED WORLD OF OZ DVD has behind the scenes footage on Wicked the Musical, also including Australian Cast footage as well as Idina Menzel Kristin Chenoweth.  Also Footage on Gregory Maguire talking about Wicked, Son of a Witch and A Lion Among Men 
The Making of Wicked DVD has a lot more behind the scenes footage with Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth from 2003/2004 .  This is a really great dvd to have and worth  EVERY AWESOME PENNY!
Wonderful World of Oz DVD contains old versions of Oz commercials and rare cool add ons, Mad TV parodies and such, very cute DVD to have and worth watching, At least I like to watch this. It is very interesting.
Behind the Curtain of Oz DVD contains some of the same elements from the DVD THE WONDERFULLY WICKED WORLD OF OZ DVD but also includes  5 new segmets entitled Wicked On Tour and How To Fly! plus a Parody on the Wizard of Oz
Show Business: The Road To Broadway Dvd shows the warmth of entertainment with a behind the scenes of making this new classic tale  of Wicked.  it includes other shows :Boy George's Taboo, Caroline or Change and the exciting Avenue Q.

The Baby is Unnaturally . . .
. . . GREEN!

Email only 1 of 2 people
STEP TWO: Choose the show and cast of your choice provided below!
10/12/03 Wicked OBC
11. 18. 06 Original London Cast with Idina Menzel
 1/9/05 Broadway Idina's Last Scheduled Performance, Shoshana stands in.  Joey McIntyre stars as Fiyero
7/18/04 Kristin Chenoweth's Last Performance
 5/28/06 Megan Hilty's Last Performance W/Eden Espinoza- 2 discs
1/8/06 Shoshana Bean's Last Performance
8/31/05 Ana Gasteyer and Kate Reinders in Chicago
6/1/07 Victoria Matlock and Christina Decicco National Tour
1/11/09 2 Discs Eden & Carol Kane's Last Performace w/Kendra Kassebaum
Best of:Wicked Song Performance Selections of Broadway 
2 discs
  1/11/09 L.A Eden Espinoza & Megan Hilty, Eden's last performance, Carol Kane's last performance - 2 disc
~NEW! 10/29/08 L.A. Wicked Teal Wicks, Angel Reda Emily Rozel (Teal's last Angel's first) 2 Discs
~NEW! Wicked 8/24/08 L.A. Teal Wicks & Erin Mackey
2 discs
~NEW! Wicked 6/17/08 Kerry Ellis & Kendra Kassebaum, Kerry's first Broadway performance!
~NEW! Wicked 10/8/06 Eden Espinoza 1 disc, if any knows who plays Galinda in this DVD, and exactly WHERE this was shot, please let me know! Not much info on disc
~NEW! Wicked Broadway 8/5/08 Kerry Ellis & Kendra Kassebaum 2 discs 
and always more on the way!

Elphaba Thropp and her half sister
Nessarose Thropp at Shiz University


You can also choose from (on DVD):
Little Mermaid with Sierra Bogess on Broadway
Mamma Mia  LIVE in Las Vegas and film
version with Meryl Streep
Young Frankenstein The Musical
9 to 5 The Musical
Hairspray - coming soon!
Shrek - coming soon!
Movie: Cabaret with Liza Minnelli
Movie: Sound of Music 2 disc movie
Movie: Hairspray
Movie: Xanadu
Movie: The Wiz
Movie: Wizard of Oz
plus many others . . . inquire within
*Judy Garland The Complete Show show
*Judy Garland Live at the London Palladium
*Judy Garland most movies on DVD including Special Editions
*Animated Disney Feature Collection
and many more!
~My Wicked DVD collection is extensively growing~ 


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2 Good Friends, 2 Best Friends . . .
Elphaba and Galinda

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